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Welcome To Heartsong's Diary

The beginning of everything in your life begins with you.

     For years poetry and writing have been an outlet for  my emotions and feelings. 

Today, my poetry serves as a reminder  of how far I have come in life.   

This site contains poetry about  happiness, sorrow, faith, inner most feelings and thoughts.  It's the story of my life told through my poetry, originally, as something special I wanted to leave to each of my children..

Thank you, for visiting my site. Please, stay as long as you like, and feel free to share my poetry with your family and/or friends.   Love and Peace              - Jan Tetstone   

You are Special


"There are those who cross our path but once who find a place in our heart forever. And those we see every day and forget as soon as they walk away.

Some in passing just touch our life while others in passing touch our heart."     -Jan Tetstone