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Heartsong's Poetry Diary

The Need To Love

The Need To Love

As the light dimmeth in thine eyes
So goeth thy life
As thy love standeth in the darkness
So cometh the loneliness.

For out of thine heart rains those
things thy heart seeks to make
itself complete.

Tho love touches lives, none, not you
nor I, can capture love and place love
in another's hands.

The heart that cries out in the darkness
for love, one can not know the emptiness
it seeks to fill, tho ye have known love
ye have not known mine.

Cry O heart of mine,cry for love..scream
for love...for to feel the need for love
is far better than to feel nothing.

           -Jan Tetstone

7:57 PM December 8, 2018


Take My Hand Once More


Take My Hand Once More

Take my hand Lord, my heart is breaking
and the tears I cannot control.

Take my hand Lord, that I might, once more,
feel your presences in my life and in my

Wipe away the tears that fall, and betray
my faith.

Take my hand Lord and walk with me through
this day.

Whisper in my ear the stories of old- you
told me long ago...
When as a child , craving to enter the light
that called me in, and you told me 'no.'

Take my hand once more Lord...
Give me the strength to journey on,
the courage to stand against the night
the wisdom to know the limits you set
for my life. And . . .
The heart to keep on loving those who love,
and don't love me.

Take my hand once more Lord. . .

Open for me the doors to my destiny. 

                -Jan Tetstone

10:42am November 25, 2018


The Face of No Tomorrow

Life wears many faces
Exists in many places
Here today and gone

A happy face turns to

The tales that never get
told, in one life time,
In another's life time

Tears of joy, tears of woe
dry away, and appear again.
Never ending the faces come
and go..

Tears flow,,, hearts get
Sorrow, sorrow , sorrow
until the face of no tomorrow.
     -Jan Tetstone

1:25pm November 23,2018


Seeking Peace

 I seek not to rob the world
or crush ones heart with
love . . .

I seek nothing more than
a world of many colored
flowers where the air
smells pure and  sweet
And the green grass lay
a pillow for my tired feet.

I seek to feel love
once more...
In a world shut off
from hate and greed.

In a world that
welcomes me
and fills my life
with love
and peace.

-Jan Tetstone

9:32am November 15,2018



I Am and I Am Not

Who am I?

I am the child of long ago
traveling down a lonely road
wearing the scars of the years
on my heart.

I am  the one the years molded.

I am and I am not.

I am the young one of long ago
Journeying  through a land
that has burned my very soul.

I am and I am not.

I am the shadow of what was
reflecting off of an old heart.

I am and I am not.

I am a stranger to all who know me.

I am a thread of breath
chained to  my destiny.

I am and I am not without soul and
without heart.
                     -Jan Tetstone

10:04pm October 7, 2018

The Purple Fairies -Children's story

The Purple Fairies

by Jan Tetstone

Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest, in a teeny tiny house, lived a little fairy. Her name was Star. She was a magical fairy.

One day, Star was cutting the purple and yellow wildflowers that grew near her house when a strange looking purple butterfly landed on top of the bouquet of colorful flowers, she had in her hand.

"What happened to your wing," the fairy asked, gently touching the butterfly on top of its tiny head. "I'll take care of you.  You can just rest on top of the flowers for a while."

To Star fairy's surprise the butterfly, winking his tiny eye, and giving her a smile, replied, “Thank you, kind fairy."

Being a magical fairy, Star could have used her magic to heal the purple butterfly and sent him on his way, but, she decided to take care of him without using her magic.

Suddenly, it started raining, the colorful flowers surrounding her begin to multiply, and the beautiful purple butterfly disappeared, right before her eyes.

Making her way back to her tiny house, head hanging low, feeling sad that she again was all alone; she raised her head to see purple fairies, all holding a bouquet  of purple and yellow  wildflowers, waiting for her to return home.

Star fairy couldn't believe her eyes. On top of every bouquet of flowers set a beautiful purple butterfly.

"How can this be," Star asked the fairies, joyfully.

An older purple fairy stepped out from among the other fairies.

"Every purple fairy must undergo the test of ‘worthiness’ before joining the purple fairies. Today, when you decided not to use magic to heal the butterfly, you proved to be worthy of the magic powers in your procession. Welcome to the family."

From that day on, Star fairy was never alone again, unless she chose to be.
She had all the purple fairies to keep her company.

Moral of the story:   Good things come to those who make the right choices.

5:40pm October 7, 2018

Pondering Life

Let me ponder with my thoughts
Yesterdays gone bye
Tomorrows I may or may not see
The day I'm living in, when gone
that will never be again.

Yesterdays both added too and
took away my self identity.

Days gone are the days when
my thoughts flow like a gentle
stream inside of me . . .

Today, my thoughts are many, flowing
against a ragging sea.

What I once believed has turned into
lies and deceit .

Today my love lingers everywhere . . .
but when I reach out to touch love
Love is not there.

What will tomorrow bring,I worry not,
what will be.

I have lived a lifetime of yesterdays.
It was the things of yesterdays that
brought to this day.

By faith, I have lived all my yesterdays,
If God continues to bless me tomorrow,
I will continue to carry, and hold high,
My Shield of Faith, the rest of the way. 

                  -Jan Tetstone



5:13pm October 5, 2018



The Things Resting in the Heart


The Things Resting in the Heart

When the  words don't come easy

and your feelings yearn to be

set free.

Do not release ,out into the

world, the things that rest in

your heart.

There is a time for everything

under the sun..... just as there's

a time to be heard......

there is a time for words.

Listen to the sounds found

in the silence .... do not betray

the thoughts locked away....

just to have something to say.

     -Jan Tetstone

5:20 pm      October 3, 2018





Come What May



Writing what's is my heart is easy
Writing what's on my mind
Sometimes comes hard for me.

It's a new day to be thankful
for being alive...

A new day to wonder

A new day to strive

A new day to give thought
to my life.

What will today bring,
I know not .....
A tear has yet to fall.

The darkness outside
is lifting away......

God's will be done-come
what may.

             -Jan Tetstone

6:13am September 30, 2018




Never give up on
your dream

Reach for that star
your heart desires

Believe in better

Endure the heartache
and the sorrow
that life sends your way

Endure life at it's worst
and at its best ...

Learn from mistakes
and eat from life
what life puts on your plate.

Endure the things
that weigh you down...
that rest heavy on your
heart and mind....

Live in the day and
love always the one who
returns your love in kind.

None are perfect-all are
destined to live but one

Worry not of what is to be
until it reaches reality.

    -Jan Tetstone



7:08pm September 29, 2018




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