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Heartsong's Poetry Diary

I Am and I Am Not

Who am I?

I am the child of long ago
traveling down a lonely road
wearing the scars of the years
on my heart.

I am  the one the years molded.

I am and I am not.

I am the young one of long ago
Journeying  through a land
that has burned my very soul.

I am and I am not.

I am the shadow of what was
reflecting off of an old heart.

I am and I am not.

I am a stranger to all who know me.

I am a thread of breath
chained to  my destiny.

I am and I am not without soul and
without heart.
                     -Jan Tetstone

10:04pm October 7, 2018

The Purple Fairies -Children's story

The Purple Fairies

by Jan Tetstone

Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest, in a teeny tiny house, lived a little fairy. Her name was Star. She was a magical fairy.

One day, Star was cutting the purple and yellow wildflowers that grew near her house when a strange looking purple butterfly landed on top of the bouquet of colorful flowers, she had in her hand.

"What happened to your wing," the fairy asked, gently touching the butterfly on top of its tiny head. "I'll take care of you.  You can just rest on top of the flowers for a while."

To Star fairy's surprise the butterfly, winking his tiny eye, and giving her a smile, replied, “Thank you, kind fairy."

Being a magical fairy, Star could have used her magic to heal the purple butterfly and sent him on his way, but, she decided to take care of him without using her magic.

Suddenly, it started raining, the colorful flowers surrounding her begin to multiply, and the beautiful purple butterfly disappeared, right before her eyes.

Making her way back to her tiny house, head hanging low, feeling sad that she again was all alone; she raised her head to see purple fairies, all holding a bouquet  of purple and yellow  wildflowers, waiting for her to return home.

Star fairy couldn't believe her eyes. On top of every bouquet of flowers set a beautiful purple butterfly.

"How can this be," Star asked the fairies, joyfully.

An older purple fairy stepped out from among the other fairies.

"Every purple fairy must undergo the test of ‘worthiness’ before joining the purple fairies. Today, when you decided not to use magic to heal the butterfly, you proved to be worthy of the magic powers in your procession. Welcome to the family."

From that day on, Star fairy was never alone again, unless she chose to be.
She had all the purple fairies to keep her company.

Moral of the story:   Good things come to those who make the right choices.

5:40pm October 7, 2018

Pondering Life

Let me ponder with my thoughts
Yesterdays gone bye
Tomorrows I may or may not see
The day I'm living in, when gone
that will never be again.

Yesterdays both added too and
took away my self identity.

Days gone are the days when
my thoughts flow like a gentle
stream inside of me . . .

Today, my thoughts are many, flowing
against a ragging sea.

What I once believed has turned into
lies and deceit .

Today my love lingers everywhere . . .
but when I reach out to touch love
Love is not there.

What will tomorrow bring,I worry not,
what will be.

I have lived a lifetime of yesterdays.
It was the things of yesterdays that
brought to this day.

By faith, I have lived all my yesterdays,
If God continues to bless me tomorrow,
I will continue to carry, and hold high,
My Shield of Faith, the rest of the way. 

                  -Jan Tetstone



5:13pm October 5, 2018



The Things Resting in the Heart


The Things Resting in the Heart

When the  words don't come easy

and your feelings yearn to be

set free.

Do not release ,out into the

world, the things that rest in

your heart.

There is a time for everything

under the sun..... just as there's

a time to be heard......

there is a time for words.

Listen to the sounds found

in the silence .... do not betray

the thoughts locked away....

just to have something to say.

     -Jan Tetstone

5:20 pm      October 3, 2018





Come What May



Writing what's is my heart is easy
Writing what's on my mind
Sometimes comes hard for me.

It's a new day to be thankful
for being alive...

A new day to wonder

A new day to strive

A new day to give thought
to my life.

What will today bring,
I know not .....
A tear has yet to fall.

The darkness outside
is lifting away......

God's will be done-come
what may.

             -Jan Tetstone

6:13am September 30, 2018




Never give up on
your dream

Reach for that star
your heart desires

Believe in better

Endure the heartache
and the sorrow
that life sends your way

Endure life at it's worst
and at its best ...

Learn from mistakes
and eat from life
what life puts on your plate.

Endure the things
that weigh you down...
that rest heavy on your
heart and mind....

Live in the day and
love always the one who
returns your love in kind.

None are perfect-all are
destined to live but one

Worry not of what is to be
until it reaches reality.

    -Jan Tetstone



7:08pm September 29, 2018




Letting Go












Today, I set at the table,

looking out the open door

toward the cloud covered sky

and wondered why my life is

the way it is today.

Where are the children

who once filled my life

to the brim. . .

What happened to the world

I once thrived in, that brought

my heart so much joy!?

Nothing is the way it use to be

my world that once was so full,

is still full but feels so empty.

What happened to the world

of love that once surrounded me.

Is this the way life is always

going to be, lonely and empty.

Why do I do this to me?

Lord, I'm on a roll today, as

you can read and see. I can't

help missing the time of

watching my children grow -

you know, I  made them my

life-for so long-it's just hard

for me, being a mother, to let


There's an empty place in my

life today

that needs to be filled.

Why, Lord, am I telling you the

things you already know.

Make me wiser that I might learn

from living life- the importance

of loving enough to let those I

love go.     -Jan Tetstone

4:00pm Sept 29, 2018


Dreams are not all meant to come true

The ability to reach a dream rests

inside of you.

Your dream lurk in the desire, in you,

To make your dream come true.

It's easier to dream of things the way

one would have them be than it is  to

strive to reach the dream.


To stop dreaming is to settle for the

way life is.       jt


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Seek not to burden another
 with your worry and your woe
 God see all things and your
 needs he already knows.
 Hang tightly to your shield of faith
 let none take your faith away...
 For, always does the liar hate the truth
 and always does evil work its wickedness
 from behind a shield of deceit.
 Keep high your shield of faith
 never weaken in love, never try
 to live in tomorrow
 before you defeat the demons in the day.
4:36pm June 30, 2014


When the day is darker
 than the night to your soul
 Reach down deep inside
 your heart and seek God's
 guidance in the dark.
4:27pm June 30, 2014


Today, yesterday's sun still shines,
 tomorrows encounters still wait,
 and memories are waiting to be
 made. jt


I do not know what tomorrow will bring
 or what night time dreams I will dream.

I do not know where this life will take me.

I do not know the heart of another
 or what things brought them to this day.

I only know what yesterdays brought
 my way...
 I only know my night time dreams
 and the things that brought me
 to this day.

I only know the heart in me
 that has both loved and grieved.
7:40pm June 22, 2014


Today the sun caught me
 thinking on yesterdays.....
 and the first sunbeams
 reflected off my tears.

I was thinking of times gone by
 when all that mattered to me
 was my family ties.

When my dreams were not for me
 but the small child whose head
 rested against my knee.

When I built my world a round family
 and unknowingly was losing my own

and of all the times, I changed me
 hoping to fit in to the world
 I had created for them. 

The Lord has shown me the errors
 of my ways, much to late
 to change the way things were
 way back then.
8:38am June 22, 2014


Because man is not perfect
 neither is his ways...

 Strive not to be perfect but
 to be true to yourself.

 None can make you
 smaller than you want to be.
7:22am June 19, 2014


My eyes have awaken to a new day
 in which yesterday's sun still shines
 tomorrows encounters still wait, and
 memories are waiting to be made.
7:18am June 19, 2014


The enemy of the soul
 rests not in the outer world
 it rest within the man.

 Life divides only what is not
 suppose to be together.

 The lips speaks many languages
 the heart only one.
7:09am June 19, 2014


2012 Poems from Heartsong's Diary

My world is turned upside today
 as I seek a better way.
 I feel as though my
 weakness in spirit
 is draining me of any desire
 to make the journey back in life to
 where it once lived.
 Oh, heart do you still beat? s there enough strength inside
 each beat, to make the climb again?

 Why is the world so dark and the spirits in it so dead?
 The darkness that covers my world in my weakest moment
 is not of this world.
 The darkness surrounding me comes from within.

 God, you know my heart. You know my needs.
 Please, turn the light back on for me again.

 Those who have tasted both sides of life
  know the value of the lone traveler we
 meet along life's highways.

 Every stranger has his story
 his hard times and his moments of glory....
 but how often do we really try to see
 the man behind the face?

-Jan Tetstone


Let those who seek find what they seek
 Let those who love love unconditionally
 And if their be those who must hate
 let them hate in earnest the evil things
 that corrupt the soul of man..
10:34am December 27, 2012


Light a candle for your brother
 Light a candle in your heart
 and in your life; let your candle shine
 through the things you do
 let it shine through the darkness
 in you; that others might see it and
 find their inner Light, too.
10:36pm December 26, 2012


Faith the size of a mustard seed
 if one processes it in time of need
 will lift the spirit to bigger and
 better things.
 I once walked in dark places
 with only my faith to shield me
 from harms; and in the darkness
 I slept safely wrapped in faith, in my
 Father's arms.
10:17pm December 26, 2012


The lessons learnt are worth the pain
 to the truth seeker.
 Walk softly among the flowers where the
 thorns grow.
 None caught up in the outer world can
 survive his inner war.
 Would one but feel with his heart
 the truth would be known; and the liar
 would be overcome by the love.
11:40am December 26, 2012


My thoughts are on those
 who fail to understand
 their part in nature's god's
 plan.; on those who do not realize
 what is taking place right before
 their very eyes; Their lives
 are out of tune with the warning
 of a pending doom. Would but
 they count the steps that evil
 has taken in the last one hundred years
  they would tremble in fear; they would
 flee beyond the reach of decay.

12:50am December 26, 2012

note: I sometimes write things and wonder why I would
 write something about that. About one-hundred years ago world war l
 was fought for four years, leaving in its wake a toll
 of death and destruction such as the world had never seen.
 December 26, 2012 10:44am


Blind is the deceiver who deceives no
 one but himself.
 He who loses his spirit loses his soul.
 Truth can be twisted until it resembles
 a lie.
 Truth will always shine through the
 An open heart can see into the heart of another.

8:08pm December 25, 2012

-Jan Tetstone


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