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I Am and I Am Not

Who am I?

I am the child of long ago
traveling down a lonely road
wearing the scars of the years
on my heart.

I am  the one the years molded.

I am and I am not.

I am the young one of long ago
Journeying  through a land
that has burned my very soul.

I am and I am not.

I am the shadow of what …

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The Purple Fairies -Children's story

The Purple Fairies

by Jan Tetstone

Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest, in a teeny tiny house, lived a little fairy. Her name was Star. She was a magical fairy.

One day, Star was cutting the purple and yellow wildflowers that grew near her house when a strange looking purple butterfly l…

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Pondering Life

Let me ponder with my thoughts
Yesterdays gone bye
Tomorrows I may or may not see
The day I'm living in, when gone
that will never be again.

Yesterdays both added too and
took away my self identity.

Days gone are the days when
my thoughts flow like a gentle
stream inside of me . . .

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The Things Resting in the Heart


The Things Resting in the Heart

When the  words don't come easy

and your feelings yearn to be

set free.

Do not release ,out into the

world, the things that rest in

your heart.

There is a time for everything

under the sun..... just as there's

a time to be heard......

there is a time …

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