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Take My Hand Once More


Take My Hand Once More

Take my hand Lord, my heart is breaking
and the tears I cannot control.

Take my hand Lord, that I might, once more,
feel your presences in my life and in my

Wipe away the tears that fall, and betray
my faith.

Take my hand Lord and walk with me through
this day.

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The Face of No Tomorrow

Life wears many faces
Exists in many places
Here today and gone

A happy face turns to

The tales that never get
told, in one life time,
In another's life time

Tears of joy, tears of woe
dry away, and appear again.
Never ending the faces come
and go..

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Seeking Peace

 I seek not to rob the world
or crush ones heart with
love . . .

I seek nothing more than
a world of many colored
flowers where the air
smells pure and  sweet
And the green grass lay
a pillow for my tired feet.

I seek to feel love
once more...
In a world shut off
from hate and …

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