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Betray Not Another's Love

I am but a lowly traveler
on life's roads of ups
and downs...
I see through my inner eyes
the things behind and before me.

Betray not the love or trust
of any...
For love is beyond the reach
of those who seek love- seeking
only to poccess love.

Trust and love go hand in hand
dare …

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Threading the Waters

Threading the Waters

I have gone beyond my world
confronted the foe ,planted
seeds of love in amidst
the throns that there did

I have followed my heart and
saw where troubled souls and
dispair mingle together in
search of what they feel
but do not know.

Where being alone i…

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The Need To Love

The Need To Love

As the light dimmeth in thine eyes
So goeth thy life
As thy love standeth in the darkness
So cometh the loneliness.

For out of thine heart rains those
things thy heart seeks to make
itself complete.

Tho love touches lives, none, not you
nor I, can capture love and p…

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