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Come What May



Writing what's is my heart is easy
Writing what's on my mind
Sometimes comes hard for me.

It's a new day to be thankful
for being alive...

A new day to wonder

A new day to strive

A new day to give thought
to my life.

What will today bring,
I know not .....
A tear has yet to fall.

The d…

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Never give up on
your dream

Reach for that star
your heart desires

Believe in better

Endure the heartache
and the sorrow
that life sends your way

Endure life at it's worst
and at its best ...

Learn from mistakes
and eat from life
what life puts on your plate.

Endure …

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Letting Go












Today, I set at the table,

looking out the open door

toward the cloud covered sky

and wondered why my life is

the way it is today.

Where are the children

who once filled my life

to the brim. . .

What happened to the world

I once thrived in, that…

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Dreams are not all meant to come true

The ability to reach a dream rests

inside of you.

Your dream lurk in the desire, in you,

To make your dream come true.

It's easier to dream of things the way

one would have them be than it is  to

strive to reach the dream.


To …

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Heartsong's Diary Page

Seek not to burden another
 with your worry and your woe
 God see all things and your
 needs he already knows.
 Hang tightly to your shield of faith
 let none take your faith away...
 For, always does the liar hate the truth
 and always does evil work its wickedness
 from behind a shi…

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2012 Poems from Heartsong's Diary

My world is turned upside today
 as I seek a better way.
 I feel as though my
 weakness in spirit
 is draining me of any desire
 to make the journey back in life to
 where it once lived.
 Oh, heart do you still beat? s there enough strength inside
 each beat, to make the climb again?

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Thoughts of Mine

 Today a cloud covered the sun and the blue sky
 It was so dark that cloud it was; so dark it was that by its
 pure existence it broke my heart.

 For a time it looked as though the dark cloud was here
 to stay.....The sun was hidden behind the dreary
 dark mass. The sun it could not shin…

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