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God First

God First

Tho my heart was broken
I thought beyond repair
In my heart I always knew
That God was always there.

That the shivers of pain
cutting into my heart
Angels would repair...
with love and tender care.

That as long as my faith
is stronger than heartache
and strive.....I ma…

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Quite Time

 The quite time awakens
thoughts long thought
forgotten. . .
Awaking memories buried
beneath layers of yesterdays,
pealing away moments of
laughter and tears...revealing
the joys and woes that being
alive brings into ones life.

O quite time, pour out
the memories of yesteryears

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   It's New Year's day 2019. My thoughts are many but my words are few. If I could find the words to express emotions locked away....bound would be hearts beyond the heart in me. jt       4:53pm January 1, 2019



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