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There are many invisable lines
drawn in ones life
That either divide hearts
or keep lives apart.

Not everything in life
is meant for all to live.....
Some shall never touch
the ground that others walk on

Some shall never satify their
thirst to drink from life's
waters until the w…

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After Seventy Years of Living

Picture taken on my 70th Birthday, on February 20, 2019

Seventy years is a long time
to journey through life...
seven decades of witnessing
life all arond me unfolding
being a part of everything
and being a part of nothing.

What has seventy years of
travelling through this world

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Silent Sounds


There are silent sounds
that have the power
to change ones world
to ripple through the
heart like a calm wave
at peace with the water
that moves gently,creating
with its unheard sounds
a pool of peace for the
heart to beat to-sounds,
life's melody.

There are silent sounds
that po…

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Only Thoughts

No words today...
Only thoughts
that move my heart.

Thoughts of loss
thoughts of pain
thoughts of love
thoughts of what was
thoughts of surviving
thoughts of God
thoughts of Heaven's gain
and thoughts of how life
could have been
for an angel I call mine...

Thoughts...only thoughts

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 In silence I
wander, aimlessly,
foreward ,my heart
grasping yesterdays

Bitter sweet the
memories ...

To my heart I hold
them near - brushing
from each a fallen

Lord, please, keep me
focused on the light
before me, and take from
my memory-
the remembrance of tho…

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Lonely Heart

O love inside my heart
Desiring nothing more
than peace and a place
where love can nourish
on love and grow to the
height of the heavens,
and the depths of time.

Where two hearts can grow
as one, feel as one, desire
as one, live as one and
when eternal night falls,
sleep in death as one…

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