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Take My Hand Once More


Take My Hand Once More

Take my hand Lord, my heart is breaking
and the tears I cannot control.

Take my hand Lord, that I might, once more,
feel your presences in my life and in my

Wipe away the tears that fall, and betray
my faith.

Take my hand Lord and walk with me through
this day.

Whisper in my ear the stories of old- you
told me long ago...
When as a child , craving to enter the light
that called me in, and you told me 'no.'

Take my hand once more Lord...
Give me the strength to journey on,
the courage to stand against the night
the wisdom to know the limits you set
for my life. And . . .
The heart to keep on loving those who love,
and don't love me.

Take my hand once more Lord. . .

Open for me the doors to my destiny. 

                -Jan Tetstone

10:42am November 25, 2018


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